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“Re-Connections – 2021”: the Garden Club of Toronto Show

Dedicated to the memory of our former president,
Sally Gibbons.

Sally (Mrs. Leonard) Gibbons was President of The Garden Club of Bermuda from 2003-2005 and continued to be very active in the Club until her untimely passing last month.  Sally and Len were wonderful hosts at their beautiful home and Sally was a great mentor to many of us, especially in the area of crafts for fund-raising causes.   She participated in the WAFA recognized Floral Art judges’ course from 2007-2009 and frequently helped judging at our monthly General Meetings until just recently.   Sally also dedicated a great deal of her time to Holy Trinity Church, chairing their Flower Guild and mentoring many ladies through floral art – one of them, Andrea McKey – who is a relatively new GC member and novice designer, placed 1st in her Class “Swirling Winds” at the Re-Connections 2021 show and also was awarded Runner-Up to Best in Show – Sally would have been so proud of her achievement. Sally was also very keen in recent years with Ikebana and began studying locally in Sogetsu.

Submitted by Cindy Young, Past President

Winners from the Garden Club of Bermuda

Class 1: “Dancing on Air”   30” x 30” space. 

Karen Smith


Placed 1st out of 10 entries

Judges’ Comments:  “ excellent, lively interpretation of the Class”

Class 2: “Bursting Forth” Miniature.

Felicity Holmes


Placed 1st of 10 entries and received Most Intriguing Special Award

Judges’ Comments: “This shows a significant burst and the dynamic colors add the contrast”

Class 3: “Together Apart” 30” x 30” space

Anna Fulton


Placed 2nd of 7 entries and received Best Interpretation of the theme of the Show Title

Judges’ Comments: “Frame accentuates this beautiful, dramatic and creative design. Connecting line between the two units could be a little stronger”

Class 4: “Swirling winds” 30” x 30” space.

Andrea McKey


Placed 1st in class of 10 entries and received Runner up to Best in Show.

Judges’ Comments: “This is an accomplished design which is highly interpretative of the class title. The cleverly manipulated palm and the position of the calla lilies creates wonderful depth and dynamic rhythm”.

Class 5: “Enough Already” 30” x 30” space.

Sylvia Outerbridge


Placed 3rd of 10 entries

Judges’ Comments: “The use of printed background element reminds of ‘Enough Already’ of pandemic. The placement of leaves, well done, flat and dominant”.

Class 6: ”Tranquil Waters” 30” x 30” space.

Cindy Young


7 entries

Judges’ Comments: “The limited color palette is effective in creating this serene design. The uppermost Papyrus is rather dominant and impacts on the visual balance.”

Class 7: “Desert Heat” 30” x 30” space.

Susan Conyers


Placed 2nd of 10 entries

Judges’ Comments: “A well executed layer design”.

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