Photography competitions

Butterfly feasting on flower

Photography competitions are held each month during the Garden Club year, and judged submissions are displayed at our general meetings.

Please note that Class Entries have to indicate how they are manipulated! For more information please email:


March competition

Theme: “Botanical Reflections”

Entries can be delivered to the Horticultural Hall between 1pm and 3.30pm on 12th March.

Entries can also be emailed to and we will have photo printed for you. EMAIL Photos must be received by Sunday 8th of March and the resolution must be at least 1MB.

Please indicate the class each picture is in:

There are three basic classes in the Photography Division (see Guidelines for details):

  • Class 1 – Un-manipulated photo Photograph must include plant material
  • Class 2 – Manipulated/digital art photo Photograph must include plant material – imaginative manipulated photo APPs include: Oilist, Waterlogue, Painteresque, Impresso Pro or Image Blender. These APPs are available on IPhone, Android devices and PCs. NB Photos that do not fulfill the criteria will not be judged. LABEL MUST INDICATE HOW PHOTO WAS MANIPULATED
  • Class 3 – Any subject that supports/interprets the competition title

Online April competition

Theme: “April Showers”


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