The Horticulture Division holds monthly horticulture-related workshops during the Garden Club year. Fruit, vegetables and flowers are displayed at our monthly meetings.

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Please check our calendar for information on future events. We also have an extensive collection of Bermuda herb, vegetable and plant guides which may be of interest. Hope to see you at an event soon!

Upcoming workshops

Horticultural Workshop – Propagating Bermuda Roses

We are pleased to offer this workshop on Propagating Bermuda Roses on the 21 January, 2022

For more information and to register your interest please click on the button below:

Horticultural Workshop - Propagating Bermuda Roses

Horticultural Workshop

We are pleased to offer this workshop on the 28 January, 2022

For more information and to register your interest please click on the button below:

Horticultural Workshop - 28th January 2022

Previous workshops

Beeswax wrap making

We were pleased to offer this workshop on making beeswax wraps with Allie Krefta, Rosalind Wingate & the WA Natural History Club!

Beeswax wraps are an eco-friendly alternative to to foil, plastic bags and cling film. We had great fun making them!

“Surrender to Succulents” with Paul Zammit

Paul Zammit ran a presentation entitled “Surrender to Succulents” which included a wonderful demonstration on the potting of succulents.

Visit to the Arboretum October 2018

Talks by Francine Trott, Acting Superintendent of Parks, Kelly Sousa, Head of Tulo Valley and her assistant Jimmy Harvey. The subject of the talks was endemics and invasives, and a hands-on demonstration on how to propagate a number of endemics. The Parks Dept book on Indigenous and Invasive Plants of Bermuda is available on their Bermuda Plant Finder webpage. Click here to access it .

Tour of Bermyfresh

Members of the Garden Club of Bermuda were treated to a tour of the Bermyfresh facility in Southampton on November 18th. The facility grows all kinds of microgreens including fennel, cilantro, pea shoots and many, many more. The tour included a fascinating insight into mushroom growing and an animated talk with their smokehouse chef. Congratulations to Scott Tucker and Marty Hatfield on producing quality local products for the Bermuda market, thus cutting down on the environmental impact of importing from overseas. And next on the list which will be of interest to Garden Club members is their own special blend of mushroom compost!

Container gardening in Susan Conyers’ garden

Susan Conyers’ talent is immediately apparent when setting foot in her garden bedecked with flowers and greenery in the most beautiful pots, and masterfully situated. Susan advised on the many advantages of growing flowers in pots, and how to help them thrive.

Steven Antonition’s orchid house

Garden Club members were treated to an impressive display of orchid plants in Steven Antonition’s orchid house. Steven, who won Best Orchid In Show at the recent Agricultural Show, with impressive ingenuity made a purpose-built orchid house using wood and old windows (including Bermuda cedar windows) showing how recycled material could become a useful, delightfully quirky and ingenious way to house his hundreds of orchid plants; his interest having been piqued by his wife’s present of three orchids some years ago. Despite his obvious successes in this field, Stephen made us aware that owing to the huge variety of orchids available from around the world and from many different climes, orchid growing is not a ‘one size fits all’, and requires individual attention according to growing requirements. Judging by the number of orchids on display, Steven has obviously mastered the complex but very rewarding art of orchid growing!

Bermuda herbs and plants tour with Doreen Williams

We enjoyed the most informative tour with Doreen Williams from Wild Herbs N Plants Bermuda. Doreen has a tradition of starting each tour by blowing her conch. After the tour, Doreen treated us to a wonderful tasting which included prickly pear sorbet, prickly pear cookies, nasturtium soup and nasturtium crispy chips.


Horticultural Workshop at Amaral’s Farm

An inspiring talk for all gardeners.

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