The Garden Club of Bermuda was started in 1921 to stimulate interest in horticulture, floral design and related subjects, and to aid in the conservation of natural resources. To this end its members work hard to raise money for horticultural and environmental scholarships, and to support the local environmental community, whilst having fun along the way!

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The Garden Club of Bermuda 100th Anniversary

April 4, 2021 will mark The Garden Club of Bermuda 100th year of existence which is a tremendous achievement.

The Club has grown and expanded over the years but throughout its evolution has always maintained a standard for excellence and a desire to assist other charities.

Donations to the Seaman’s Fund and the Military and the Naval Hospitals during the war and the creation of the gardens at Agape House are only a few examples of the Club’s commitment to its philanthropic endeavours.

From the creation of KBB to the participation in the Buy Back Bermuda campaign and more recently the Skills Development Programme, the Club has always supported causes associated with the conservation and preservation of natural resources and championed education.

We thank all our past Presidents and lifelong members who have helped the Club flourish and to our current President and existing members for carrying on their legacy and ushering the Club into a new era.

Over the next months, The Garden Club of Bermuda will be holding celebratory events in recognition of its rich lineage while continuing to support the community in its initiatives.

Unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions, there will not be a big party, but events will take place regularly until April 2022, so stay tuned.

To start the celebrations, we are pleased to announce the launch on April 1st of a Commemorative Stamp Issue designed by Sheila Semos, photography by Chris Burville.

The Bermudian magazine will have a feature in their spring issue covering this milestone.

May 2021

Flower Flash

As the Island moved to Phase 2 of the latest COVID pandemic restrictions, The Garden Club of Bermuda welcomed people back to the city of Hamilton with a delightful display of sunflowers, snapdragons and lilies. The lily is the logo of the Club and a symbol of hope and life which we trust will bring renewed energy and vitality to the community.

This work of art which was on display at the corner of Reid and Burnaby Streets was designed and created by our three new floral art judges: Anna Fulton, Sylvia Outerbridge and Karen Smith.

City CEO Dwayne Caines said: “It is our delight to be able to support the Garden Club of Bermuda by hosting their beautiful displays which are so vibrant and attractive. The last flower flash certainly had everyone talking! At the City of Hamilton, we are always open to community organizations looking to engage people in this way. I want to congratulate the Garden Club of Bermuda on their 100th anniversary and thank them for their continued philanthropic endeavors.”

The flowers were sourced from Nature’s Harvest Nursery, Amaral, Pacheco and Sons, Wadson’s and Windybank Farms.

April 2021

Care Home Easter Lily Donations

One of the missions of The Garden Club of Bermuda is the beautification of the island. Following the success of the Flower Flash we thought we would bring the joy indoors.

In homage to the staff and to bring delight to the residents, The Garden Club donated 100 bouquets of Easter Lilies to the various nursing and rest homes on the Island hoping to cheer everyone residing and working there.

The white lily is the logo of the Club and is the symbol of beauty, spirituality, hope and life so it is only fitting, given the abundance of these beautiful flowers at this time of year, that they should be chosen. We partnered with Pacheco and Sons Farm from whom we purchased the flowers and who very kindly helped us deliver the bunches to the homes.

Supporting the community, the essential workers, the elderly and the local farmers is something that The Garden Club of Bermuda has always strived towards and this latest initiative is in keeping with these objectives.

March 2021

Flower Flash

Nicky Gurret, one of our members, has transformed the Birdcage into an explosion of flowers to not only celebrate the Club’s 100th anniversary and welcome spring but more importantly to put a smile on people’s face and to brighten and beautify their day. It’s also our way to acknowledge our front line workers and support the community. By sourcing the flowers locally, we are helping our local farmers.

Easter Lilies

Video taken by Cindy Young of Pacheco Farm’s Easter lily field. A fabulous sight! Traditionally, each year a bouquet of Easter Lilies are sent to Her Majesty the Queen. Read more about Bermuda’s Easter Lily here:



The Bermudian Magazine’s Spring Issue contains an article on page 28 about the history of The Garden Club of Bermuda as it celebrates its 100th Anniversary

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