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Funds are available for persons seeking financial assistance to pursue educational opportunities in horticulture which will subsequently benefit Bermuda. Applications should be received no later than May 31st.



Pictured Left to right Betty Dale, GCB; Karen Border, BNT; Stephanie Toro and Ian Walker, BZS; Karla Lacey and Julie Steele, BUEI; JP Skinner, Waterstart and Jane Clipper, GCB.

We are delighted to have recently donated $40,000 to four charities in support of extracurricular youth education programmes relating to the environment. Each organisation has received $10,000. The recipients are: The Bermuda National Trust, The Bermuda Zoological Society, The Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute and Waterstart. The work that these organizations do, links with the Garden Club’s objectives by providing educational opportunities for our children and will potentially benefit the community at large and future generations.


The Garden Club is pleased to have supported Alison Copeland in her pursuit of a PHD at Durham University in the UK.

She is exploring the ecology of Bermuda’s invasive plant species, including their origin and introduction history and the ecological traits that our invasive plants share (e.g the size of their fruits and their methods of dispersal, growth form etc.).

Alison is also examining what plant communities the invasive species form with native plants in various unmanaged habitats around the island as well as looking at a few fleshy-fruited invasive species to confirm that they are dispersed by birds.


Pictured are from left: Roger Parris, head of the Skills Development Program, Betty Dale, Garden Club scholarship committee member, Dakhari Wade and Cindy Young, Garden Club Scholarship Committee chairperson.

The Garden Club of Bermuda is pleased to announce our 2021 Scholarship awardee Dakhari Wade, who will be attending Nottingham Trent University in the U.K., to begin a Foundation Year in the field of Horticulture.

Dakhari was a graduate of the Skills Development Program in 2014/15 and has since worked in his chosen field for Sousa’s Landscaping and most recently with the Department of Works and Engineering. He is the first Skills intern to be awarded a Garden Club scholarship and we are very proud of this young man and his achievements.


Lucas Bridges

Lucas Bridges

Jameeka Smith

Jameka Smith

Taj-Rae Outerbridge

Taj-Rae Outerbridge

This year, The Garden Club of Bermuda is pleased to present an Educational Scholarship to Lucas Bridges, Jameeka Smith and Taj-Rae Outerbridge.

Lucas will be entering his third year at The Agricultural College @ North Carolina State University in September. He has been partially sponsored by the Garden Club of Bermuda for 2 years and we are very proud of his achievements in his chosen field of Horticultural Science Management. Lucas has been mentored in Bermuda by Junior Hill of J&J Produce.

Jameka Smith is Assistant Park Planner at the Department of Parks, Bermuda and has been accepted into Greenwich University in the UK in their Master of Landscape Architects programme.   Jameka has extensive knowledge and experience in this field, having worked with the Pennsylvania Horticulture Society in Philadelphia including a three-month internship at Meadowbrook Farm in Jenkintown, PA.   She is a graduate of North Carolina A&T State Univ. with a BSc in Landscape Architecture.

Taj-Rae is a graduate of Berkeley Institute and Pershore College in the United Kingdom, where he attained his Royal Horticultural Society qualifications and achieved RHS Level 2 Practical Horticulture in May, 2019. Taj-Rae has now been accepted at Writtle University in Essex, UK to study for a BSc Hons. in Horticulture and The Garden Club of Bermuda is pleased to be able to support him in his further studies.


Presenting 2019 Educational Scholarship to Lucas Bridges
Above l-r: Cindy Young, President of The Garden Club of Bermuda, Lucas Bridges and “Junior” Hill.

The Garden Club of Bermuda is pleased to present our 2019 Educational Scholarship to Lucas Bridges. Lucas has just completed his first year at The Agricultural College, North Carolina State University in Raleigh NC and will continue his studies there for another year in Horticultural Science Management and small scale farming. Lucas says “The slight shift in focus allows me to develop my knowledge of soil science, weed and disease control and greenhouse crop production in more depth and is more in line with how I foresee my future developing in Bermuda.”

Lucas has been supported and mentored by Roland “Junior” Hill at J&J Produce for several years and has been spending this summer as an Intern at the Hill’s farm, primarily responsible for their cherry tomato crop.


Above l-r: President Cindy Young, Malachi Symonds, Jan MacDonald (Vice President and Scholarships).
Above l-r: President Cindy Young, Lucas Bridges, Anna Fulton (Imm. Past President) Jan MacDonald (Vice President and Scholarships).

The Garden Club of Bermuda has awarded scholarships in 2018 to two students wishing to pursue agriculture related subjects overseas.

Lucas Bridges will be attending the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at North Carolina State University. He will be studying horticulture and agriculture and anticipates learning about crop production in relation to plant and soil sciences.

Malachi Symonds, a returning scholarship recipient, is continuing his studies at Earth University in Costa Rica and is looking to earn a Bachelor of Science in agronomical science.

A spokeswoman for the club said: “We wish much success to these Bermudian students who are pursuing their studies abroad.”


Above l-r: Jan MacDonald, Club Scholarship Chairperson, Cindy Young, President, Marian Manuel, Mrs and Mr Troy Symonds and Anna Fulton, Past President.

“The Garden Club of Bermuda together with Mrs Ed Manuel is delighted to award the Ed Manuel Memorial Scholarship to Malachi Symonds. Donations were made to The Garden Club in memory of Mr. Manuel with the expressed purpose of a scholarship.

It is our pleasure and privilege to give that scholarship to Malachi who is currently a student at Earth University in Costa Rica studying for a B.Sc. in Agronomical Science.

A cheque in the amount of $7,000 was presented to his parents, Mr and Mrs Troy Symonds by Mrs Ed (Marian) Manuel. Also in attendance were Cindy Young, President of the Garden Club of Bermuda, Anna Fulton, immediate Past President and Jan Macdonald, Scholarship Chairman.

We wish Malachi all the very best in his studies and hopes he will bring his knowledge and enthusiasm back to Bermuda on completion of his programme.”


Above l-r: Garden Club Scholarship co-chairs Jan MacDonald and Deanna Moss, Kahnae Bean, President Anna Fulton, Kiarrah Rogers, Rhonda Callender (standing in for Kidane), and Anna Terceira.

The Garden Club of Bermuda’s scholarship recipients for 2016 were:
Anna Terceira (returning winner) Horticultural Therapy, Kidane Callender (returning winner) Horticulture and Landscaping, Kahnae Bean, studying Project Management at the University of Hertfordshire in UK, and Kiarrah Rogers studying Landscape Architecture and Business Leadership at Guelph University.

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