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Available to Garden Club members, the Garden Club shop stocks a number of gardening and floral art-related items.  Please refer to our Members Area page for an itemised list.  Items are also on sale at our monthly General Meetings: 8.30am to 10am, and Saturday Workshops 11am to 11.30am.  Subject to availability and price change.   For further information please contact Beth Miller or Judy Motyer.

Bermuda: A Gardener’s Guide

The “Bermuda: A Gardener’s Guide” book produced by The Garden Club of Bermuda is a cornucopia of information on everything to do with plants in Bermuda. Contents include Suggested Plants for a Bermuda Garden, Gardening for Food and Well-Being (local medicinal plants) and Problems in the Garden. There are numerous colour plates for plant identification. A very informative and well presented book, this book is highly recommended for every gardener.

Recipe books

Lemon Recipes book and Avacados and Banana Recipes Book from The Bermuda Garden Club

The Garden Club’s Lemon Recipes book, and the Avocado and Banana Recipes book both consist of recipes donated by Garden Club members. It has long been apparent that our green-thumbed members are also excellent bakers, and these books are chock full of wonderful recipes sure to tempt even the most novice of bakers. Great hostess gifts, Bermuda souvenirs for visitors, and don’t forget to take some as gifts when you travel.


A myriad of items to assist in floral designs, decorations and planting. And don’t forget our wonderful garden aprons with handy spacious front pocket! In addition to green, the apron also comes in blue. Our garden gloves pictured) come in a range of colours and are the best gloves we have ever experienced!

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Becoming a member of the Garden Club will provide you with unique opportunities to learn new skills, have some fun and form new friendships with others who share your interests.

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