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When you live in a house with a garden, that garden is renewing your soul every day.

Gordon Hayward

Visit the glorious gardens of our semi-tropical paradise through the Garden Club of Bermuda’s Garden Tours Programme. Bermuda has a wealth of exotic flora whose list is seemingly endless and includes: Frangipani, Royal Poinciana, Hibiscus, Bermuda roses, Passion Flower, Agapanthus, Bouganvillea, Stephanotis, Orchids, Bird of Paradise, Oleander, Jasmine, Lady of the Night, Night Blooming Cereus, Bermuda Easter Lily, Wild Freesia.  Local fruits include papaya (pawpaw), starfruit, loquats, surinam cherry, citrus, and avocado, a list of the vast array of vegetables that many locals grow can be seen in our vegetable planting guide, and many medicinal herbs grow wild.

Under The Garden Club’s Garden Tours programme we offer a very unique Bermuda garden experience.  Garden tours are $100 for four persons or less, $25.00 each additional person.  All proceeds go to  the Garden Club’s Scholarship fund and community work.

For details of our tours please contact Carol Sims Tel 238 2310 or 799 2551, Email:

One of the many tours the Garden Club hosted last year was to the Wilmington Garden Club in May (last two photos).

Photos by Amanda Temple.

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